Department of Economics

Department of Economics

The department of Economics is established in 1978 from the beginning itself. The Department is giving good education and training the students to become good citizens. Senior and experience teachers are trained to mould the character of the students in various paths. Along with education character building activities are also conducted by the department.

  • The Department of Economics was established by Prof N.Nanjundappa in 1978 with strength of 58 students.
  • Dr.H R Krishna Murthy ,Prof.Shankaranaryana, Prof. RH Dalapppa have served in this department more than two decades.
  • At present Prof. AG Padmavathamma is the HOD of the department and assisted by Prof. N G
  • To provide excellent and quality based education in Economics
  • Plan to use modern technology in teaching and learning process
  • To conduct minor research projects on Socio-economic issues
  • To motivate the students to pursue higher education in Economics
  • To encourage student participation and involvement in community development and extension services
  • Plan to introduce allied courses in Economics such as rural development ,human resource management and etc.,
  • Departmental library.
  • Industrial and Bank visits.
  • Union and State budget discussions.
  • Imparting knowledge about sustainable development and government schemes.
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MA., M.Phil.,

MA., in English

31 years HOD

Assistant Professor


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4 10 20

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2 10