Department of Political Science

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political science was established in the year 1978. During that time Sir SHAMIULLA SHARIF took the responsibility of being Head of the Department. In 1979 the Department was strengthened by Prof. S.SHIVARAMA REDDY. Who retired in 2012. He laid the strong foundation for our department. Now the departmental activities are being managed by young and energetic Lecturers K.N.ASHWINI &

  • The Department of Political Science was established in the year 1978 with the strength of 58 students.
  • The subject Political Science thought along with history and economics subjects.
  • At present department has more than 80 students.
  • To impart knowledge about present situation with the examples.
  • To develop skills to face competitive exams for seeking betterjob opportunities.
  • To inculcate discipline, social awareness among the student community.
  • To promote healthy practices among students.
  • We conduct webinars and seminars frequently.
  • Quiz and debate competitions are conducted frequently.
  • Special classes are arranged for weak students.
  • Provide special coaching to competitive examinations on Indian constitution.
  • The department conducts mock parliament program.
  • Efficient, Sincere and Hard working faculty with best teaching and learning infrastructure.
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9 years Associate Prof. & HOD


M.A.,SLET 8 year

Assistant Professor


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3 15 13

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