Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

“The Department of Mathematics aspires highest standards of excellence in teaching and research. The department shall strive to earn international recognition for its expertise in the field of mathematics, the teaching of mathematics and research in Mathematics. We shall instil among students the ability to apply problem solving techniques, analytical thinking with the use of computers”

The Department of Mathematics was started in the year 1945. Prof. T.S. Nanjundaiah served the institution as Head of the Department.

Students and staff are encouraged to use the state-of-the art computers to solve mathematical problems. Practical classes are held and students are taught open source software such as SCILAB, MAXIMA, MATHLAB etc which focus on the application of mathematics.

Name Qualification Experience Research Designation
Prof. P. Sundramma M. Sc 30 Years Associate Professor
Prof. Keshavan K M. Sc 5 Years Associate Professor
Prof. Kavya G.M M. Sc, B.Ed 4 Years Associate Professor
Prof. Nagashree M.B M. Sc 3 Years Associate Professor

Higher Education:
Many of the students who graduate from our institution join Master’s programs offered by various institutions, both in India and overseas. Some of the programs that our former students have enrolled into are:

• MSc Mathematics
• MSc Applied Mathematics
• Master of Financial Mathematics
• MSc in Statistics
• MSc in Data Science and Data Analytics


Thousands of jobs are available for students who have graduated with a BSc. They can look forward to a plethora of jobs in several industries

1. Banks
2. Insurance Companies
3. E-Commerce Companies
4.Software Companies