Birth Born on 06-06-1920 in Hossur, Gauribidanur Taluk, Kolar District in a very poor Backward family.
Education Early education in Hossur, Gauribidanur Taluk and later in Bangalore.
Intermediate college and Central College, Bangalore.
B.Sc.,(Hons)Physics with good Ist Class.
M.Sc., Physics with good Ist Class.
Freedom fighter Participated in the Quit India Movement in August 1942 and courted imprisonment. He was in Bangalore Central Jail, Mysore Central Jail and Yaravada Jail Poona. At that time he was studying in III BSc., (Hons) Physics. Duing the Movement, He discontinued his studies for two years.
After the movement he re-joined College and completed his studies and got BSc., (Hons) and MSc., Degree.
Professional Career: Joined National College Bangalore in 1946 as a Lecturer in Physics. Then became the professor and Principal for 12 years.

Vice – Chancellor: He was appointed as a Vice-Chancellor of the Bangalore University in 1972. Was Vice-Chancellor for five years. First time in the history, a person from a non-Research college to become the Vice-Chancellor.

Higher Education:
Ph.D., – in Nuclear Physics from ohio State University, Columbia, USA.
Visiting Professor at the Southern Illinois University, USA. For one Year.
Education in rural Areas
Started National College in Rural areas such as Guribidanur, Bagepalli, and National High
Schools in Yeldur and Mudiyanur. All these are in backward districts of Chikkaballapur and Kolar.

Medium of Instruction: A staunch advocate of education through the Mother Tongue.
Chairman, Kannada Abhivruddhi Pradhikara:
He was appointed as Chairman of Kannada Abhivruddhi Pradhikara by the Government of Karnataka for promoting Kannada in the field of education and administration.

The Bangalore Science Forum:
Founder President of the Bangalore Science Forum which was started by him in 1962. The objective of the Bangalore Science Forum has been to popularise Science and promote Scientific temper. All the top Scientists of Bangalore have spoken under the auspices of the Forum. The Forum has the unique distinction of having organized nearly 2800 Science Lectures and also Screaning more than 800 Film shows on Science subjects.

The Bangalore Social Sciences Forum:
Founder of the Bangalore social Science Forum which was started in 1992. Forum has conducted more than 680 lectures, Interactive sessions on

Bangalore Lalitha Kala Parishath:
Keenly interested in listening to Carnatic Music, Staging Dramas, etc., To give a fillip to cultural activities, he started the Bangalore Lalitha Kala Parishath & had been the founder President of it.

President of The National Education Society of Karnataka:
As the President of the National Education Society of Karnataka, spent his entire life time in building a brand name for the society & its constituent Schools and Colleges.

A Rationalist He is a firm believer in promoting Scientific Temper. He was of the opinion that ‘nothing should be accepted without questioning’ As a Vice Chancellor of the Bangalore University he constituted a committee to investigate Scientifically Superstitions and other irrational believrs. He was the chairman of the Committee. Some well-known godmen were also questioned by the Committee. This created
a sensation all over India and to some extednt outside India also. This resulted in exposing
their baseless clime. This campaign resulted in creating and promoting Scientific temper not only amoung the educated by among some non educated also.


1. Tamrapatra : For participating in the Freedom Movement in 1942.
2. Padmabhooshana : Given by the Central Government for serivcess in the field of
3. Rajyotsava Prashasti : State Award for sericess in education and Science.
4. Hon. Doctorate : D.Lit. by the Gulbarga University.
5. Nadoja : Honorary Doctorate by the Kannada University Hampi.
6. Sir M.Vishveshwaraiah award : For senior Scientist for popularization of Physics an
7. Devaraj Urs Prashasthi : for his services in the field of education for rural Students.
8. Jawaharlal Nehru National Prize: For the Bangalore Science Forum for which he ha
been the founder President all the 41 years. It was received by him from the Prime
Minister of India.
9. Basava Puraskara Prashasti : Awarded by the Government of Karnataka.
10. Jana Vijnana Puraskara Prashasti : From Murugha Rajendra Mutt. Chitradurg.
11. Fellow of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the Climes of the
Paranormal – USA. –Amoung others there are a few Nobel Laureate also. He is the
only Indian to be elected as a Fellow.
12. Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award : For his book ‘Thereda Mana’(Open mind)
13. Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award : for his autogiography ‘HORATADA HADI’
The path of struggle and a few others.